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The Rising Nepal: National pride projects snail-paced: committee members

Kathmandu, May 12: National concern and coordination committee has decided to demand information with the concerned ministry and stakeholders relating to the status of four major projects and the challenges before their implementation.

Committee Chairperson Dilkumari Rawal shared that they would seek information with the ministry on Melamchi drinking water project, Budhigandaki hydropower project, Kathmandu-Tarai/Madhes expressway, and people's housing programme.

Committee member Surendra Raj Pande said the one of the national pride projects, Melamchi project, disrupted after the Italian contractor quit the project, has not gained pace because the government did not make any decision thereafter. The project is desperately waiting the government decision for acceleration, he added.

Similarly, another member Jivan Bahadur Budha commented that the timeline of some pride projects and their performance seem a just a game for fun. "Projects begin so late in mountainous region including Karnali, and budget implementation is also poor," he complained.

The committee members made presentation of the study reports on current status and challenges of 21 national pride projects.

Another member Khimlal Bhattarai shared that only 30 per cent of Lumbini Development Perspective Plan was due for implementation and remaining works were estimated to cost around Rs 6 billion for the completion.

He said, "The work relating to construction of international airport at Nijgadh of Bara was also stagnant, management of settlement at Tangiya is also due. I think these stagnant works make stride once a new Minister assumes office and new budget is released.”

Committee has decided to seek information from the Ministry of Defence and Nepal Army about why the DPR of the Kathmandu-Terai Fast Track in Terai. The Nepal Army was assigned the full responsibility to carry out the construction of 76.2-km expressway.

Committee members suggested the government that it became serious about the construction cost of the Budhi Gandaki hydro power project that has increased by two fold due to delay in deciding who and in what model the mega hydro project would be constructed.

There were still unsolved disputes concerning the compensation to be provided to the locals displayed due to which there has been not much tangible progress. RSS

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पाँचथर सामूहिक हत्याकान्डबारे संसदमा उठ्यो आवाज, दोषीलाई कारबाही 2019-05-21 06:36:53घटनामा बाँच्न सफल भएकी बा

कुलमानमाथि भ्रष्टाचारको आरोप, ‘प्रमाणित भए झुन्डिन तयार छु’, 2019-05-21 06:36:18सांसद मोदीले लोडसेडिङ हट

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बर्दिया निकुञ्ज क्षेत्रको पर्यटन प्रवर्द्धन गर्न निस्किएको टोली 2019-05-21 11:07:18बर्दिया - बर्दिया राष्ट

जुम्लामा शैक्षिक सत्र सुरु भएको तीन महिना बित्दा 2019-05-21 11:06:45जुम्ला - जुम्लाको सिञ्जाम

थाइल्याण्डका लागि नेपाली राजदूतमा ढकाल नियुक्त 2019-05-21 11:05:08काठमाण्डौ – थाइल्याण्ड

दाल भात तरकारीको कमाइ ६ करोडभन्दा माथि 2019-05-21 10:59:22गएकाे वैशाख २० गतेदेखि 

पाँचथर हत्याकाण्ड : प्रदेश सरकारले बालिकाको उपचार गर्ने, 2019-05-21 10:54:41माेरङ - पाँचथरको मिक्ला

हावाबाट बिजुली : 'पहिले हावादारी कुरा लाग्थ्याे, अहिले 2019-05-21 10:31:23पाल्पा -  पाल्पाको निस्द

९ महिनामा ६ खर्ब ५३ अर्ब रेमिट्यान्स 2019-05-21 10:17:00काठमाण्डाै  - वैदेशिक र&

व्यापारी चन्द्रप्रसाद आचार्यकाे हत्या आशंकामा तीन जना पक्राउ 2019-05-21 09:55:02सुर्खेत - वीरेन्द्रनगर-

विप्लव समूह र प्रहरीबीच गोली हानाहान, एक जना 2019-05-21 09:43:36भोजपुर  – विप्लव नेतृत्

बिहे भनेको प्रेमको अन्त्येष्टि हो : डा. 2019-05-21 09:22:34लमजुङ – मनोक्रान्ति प्र

त्रिशूली नदीमा जलयात्रा सञ्चालन 2019-05-21 09:03:47रसुवा – रसुवा र नुवाकोटम&#

साउदी अरेबियामा रहेकाे सेनाको हतियार भण्डारण केन्द्रमा ड्रोन 2019-05-21 08:44:02साउदी अरेबियाको सीमावर्&


छाया सरकारः देउवा प्रधानमन्त्री, गगन थापा शिक्षामन्त्री :कुलमान 2019-05-20 13:49:19आज जेठ ६ गते सोमबार। आजका 

आजको खबर : सोल्टी होटलको क्लबमा पूर्व 2019-05-19 13:28:59आज जेठ ५ गते आइतबार। आजका 

एक हैन तीन बुद्ध जन्मिएको देश हो नेपाल 2019-05-18 13:10:01 प्रश्न : बुद्धका चार आर्य

आजको खबर: सुन पसलबाट एसिड ल्याएर ‘विष्णुले श्रीमती 2019-05-16 13:40:42आज जेठ २ गते बिहिबार। आजकì

प्रचण्डको प्रश्न : एमालेका नेतालाई लाइन लाएर प्रधानमन्त्री 2019-05-15 13:50:34आज जेठ १ गते बुधबार। आजका 

डिजेल किन्ने पैसा नहुँदा गौतम बुद्ध अन्तराष्ट्रिय विमानस्थलको 2019-05-14 13:38:36आज वैशाख ३० गते मंगलबार। ç

गगनले अर्थमन्त्रीलाई सोधे, ‘यो वर्ष सुखद् रह्यो भन्ने 2019-05-13 13:34:32आज वैशाख २८ गते सोमबार। आé

अहो, अहिले करोडै जिते ! त्यतिबेला लाखको चेक 2019-05-12 19:44:03 हु वान्ट्स टु बी अ मिलिनि

एक करोड जिते पनि किन करोडपति हुन पाउँदैनन् 2019-05-12 17:17:33 फ्रेन्चाइज शो ‘को बन्छ कë

देउवाको प्रश्न- जय नेपाल नभनेर के जय इन्डिया, 2019-05-12 13:27:06आज वैशाख २७ गते आइतबार। आé

यात्रा अनुभव: इन्द्रको उद्यान 2019-05-11 17:52:59 -राजु अधिकारी- केही समय अग

के खालको मौसम भविष्यवाणी हाम्रो? केही स्थानमा हावाहुरी 2019-05-11 13:58:23 शनिबार साइकल चलाउन मन थिë

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